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Sick Soup (for when you're sick...)

1-2lbs or so ground beef/turkey
Better Than Bouillon chicken broth
palm sized amount of Ginger (you dont have to put it all in)
crushed red pepper
black pepper
chili powder
dehydrated onions
Siricha Sauce (aka rooster sauce aka cock sauce) (sp?)
Cooked Rice

add rice to the rice cooker or make it the manual way
add water & chicken broth per the directions to the amount you want (we make about 6 cups usually)
slice the ginger to small chunks (almost match stick sized)
add the spices to the ground beef and make small bite sized meatballs, large marble sized
bring the mix to boil while balling the meat balls
Drop meatballs in boiling water, when they float it's done.

Serve over rice, drop in some Siricha sauce to taste.

Submitted by: Pete on October 7, 2010, 12:07 am

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